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AARP offers the MyAARP Rewards program (also called AARP Rewards for Good) available to its customers using the 

aarp medicare supplement reviews

 services and tools offered by

If you are an AARP customer and would like to know more about the MyAARP Awards (AARP for Good Awards) offered by the organization, you are in the right place, because in this article we have presented all the necessary details that you should know about . at MyAARP Rewards for products.


What is MyAARP Rewards (AARP Rewards for Good)?

MyAARP Rewards and AARP Rewards for Good refer to the same program as my AARP (American Retirees Association).


As mentioned at the beginning of this article, AARP reward points are awarded to AARP members who use the various resources, services and tools officially offered by AARP.


This means that the more benefits you get from the different features offered by AARP, the more you earn MyAARP loyalty points.


AARP Rewards for Good points accumulated in your personal account may be redeemed for retail price savings on various popular brands and retailers in your area.


You can also use MyAARP reward points to gain an advantage in random draws and live auctions on the official AARP website.


MyAARP Rewards terms and conditions

Here are some important terms and conditions relating to MyAARP Rewards for Goods that you should know before registering for the program.


AARP Rewards for Good is a free rewards program initiated by and anyone over the age of 18 can officially participate in the program.

To enroll in the AARP Rewards for Good program, eligible individuals must create an online account on the official AARP website (

If you are an AARP customer and you use one of the services offered by AARP, you can earn an additional 50% reward points by participating in activities that people who do not have AARP services.

Another important point to keep in mind when it comes to reward points is that only 50,000 points can be earned as a reward in one day. If you try to earn more than 50,000 points in one day, excess points will not be added to your personal AARP account.

How to sign up for MyAARP rewards (MyAARP registration)?

To register for MyAARP Rewards for Good, you must have an account on the official AARP website.


You can create a personal account on the AARP website by completing the AARP registration procedures. You will find below an explanation of the procedure to follow.